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Company Law (Download Link)_1 Month Validity
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Company Law (Download Link)

1 Month Validity
1 Month Validity
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For LL.b and B.Com. Company Law (CBCS) (Download Link) (1, 3, 6 Months' Validity) This Course Includes video lectures of :

UNIT I: Introduction

Characteristics of a company; lifting of corporate veil; types of companies including one person company, small company, associate company, dormant company, producer company; association not for profit; illegal association; formation of company, promoters and their legal position, pre incorporation contract and provisional contracts; on-line registration of a company.

UNIT II: Documents

Memorandum of association and its alteration, articles of association and its alteration, doctrines of constructive notice and indoor management, prospectus, shelf prospectus and red herring prospectus, misstatement in prospectus; issue, allotment and forfeiture of share, calls on shares; issue of sweat capital; employee stock option; issue of bonus shares; transfer and transmission of shares, buyback; share certificate; D-Mat system.

UNIT III: Management

Classification of directors, director identity number (DIN); appointment, removal of directors; legal positions, powers and duties; key managerial personnel, managing director, manager; committees of board of directors – audit committee, nomination and remuneration committee, stakeholders relationship committee, corporate social responsibility committee; prohibition of insider trading.

UNIT IV: Company Meetings

Meetings of shareholders and board; types of meeting, convening and conduct of meetings, requisites of a valid meeting- notice, agenda, chairman, quorum, proxy, resolutions, minutes; postal ballot, meeting through video conferencing, e-voting.

UNIT V: Dividends and Audit Provisions relating to payment of dividend, provisions relating to books of account, provisions relating to audit, auditors' appointment, rotation of auditors, auditors' report, secretarial standards and secretarial audit; on-line filing of documents.

UNIT IV: Winding Up Concept and modes of winding up, Liquidator, National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT), Special Courts.

Language Hindi

Format: Download Link all these lecture will be given within 24 hours of filling the form (excluding holidays)

Lectures Valid for: As per the Validity Chosen by you.

These video can be played either in one android phone or in one windows computer (i3+ 4 GB RAM, 100 GB Free Hard Disk)

**Lectures do not work on ios / MAC / Apple computer / iPhones

Views Unlimited

*Views here Mean You can open and close videos any number of times.

Watch time: Limited to 3 Times.

Example 1: For 1 hour lecture you will get 3 hours watch time.

Example 2: If video length is 30 Minutes then you will be able to watch that for 90 minutes i.e. 3 times the length of the video.

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