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B.Com BUSINESS LAWS Semester II  (Download Link)_1 Month Validity
B.Com BUSINESS LAWS Semester II  (Download Link)_1 Month Validity
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B.Com BUSINESS LAWS Semester II (Download Link)

1 Month Validity
1 Month Validity
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B.Com BUSINESS LAWS Semester II (Download Link) (1, 3 & 6 Months' Validity)

Unit I: The Indian Contract Act, 1872

Contract – meaning, characteristics and kinds. Essentials of valid contract - Offer and

acceptance, consideration, contractual capacity, free consent, legality of objects. Void

agreements. Discharge of contract – modes of discharge including breach and its

remedies. Quasi – contracts.

Unit II: Special Contracts

Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee, Contract of Bailment and Pledge Contract of Agency.

Unit III: The Sale of Goods Act, 1930

Contract of sale, meaning and difference between sale and agreement to sell. Conditions

and warranties . Transfer of ownership in goods including sale by non-owners.

Performance of contract of sale. Unpaid seller – meaning and rights of an unpaid seller

against the goods.

Unit IV: The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008

Salient Features of LLP, Difference between LLP and Partnership, LLP and Company

LLP Agreement. Nature of LLP. Partners and Designated Partners. Incorporation

Document Incorporation by Registration, Registered office of LLP and change therein.

Change of name. Partners and their Relations. Extent and limitation of liability of LLP

and partners. Whistle blowing. Taxation of LLP. Conversion of LLP.

Unit V: The Information Technology Act 2000

Definitions under the Act. Digital signature. Electronic governance. Attribution,

acknowledgement and dispatch of electronic records. Regulation of certifying authorities

Digital signatures certificates. Duties of subscribers. Penalties and adjudication. Offences. 

No. of Hours of Videos: 80 Hours Approx

UNIQUE POINTS 1. Complete Course Coverage 2. Excellent Study Material 3. Doubt Solving Facility 4. Case Studies Discussion 5. Previous Years' Important Questions Covered. 6. Interesting and Example based Teaching Methodology. 7. Flow Charts Teaching Techniques and Presentation for better retention. 8. Technical Support is also provided for installation. 9. Fastest Delivery (Applicable in case of Pen Drive / Printed Book).

Language Hindi

Format: Download Link all these lecture will be given within 24 hours of filling the form (excluding holidays)

Lectures Valid for: As per the Validity Chosen by you.

These video can be played either in one android phone or in one windows computer (i3+ 4 GB RAM, 100 GB Free Hard Disk)

**Lectures do not work on ios / MAC / Apple computer / iPhones

Views Unlimited

*Views here Mean You can open and close videos any number of times.

Watch time: Unlimited on the same device. Change of Device charges Rs.450.

Example 1: For 1 hour lecture you will get 3 hours watch time.

Example 2: If video length is 30 Minutes then you will be able to watch that for 90 minutes i.e. 3 times the length of the video.

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